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Elegant Systems provides office and home automation systems in South Africa that matchup with our namesake. We design and supply solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing environments to enrich them with heightened functionality, sophistication, and convenience.


With a combined experience of over 40 years in automation, our team continuously strives to enhance and perfect our approach to automation through immerging and established technologies, techniques, systems, and skills.

Our Home Automation & Home Theater Services

Our office and home automation systems for South African domestic and commercial setups are ideal for meeting the unique demands of our climate, community and business cultures and unique needs of the user. Far from being a generic approach to automation, our solutions take careful stock of the environments in which they are set up, and how they are intended to be used. Whether at home or at work, our solutions offer more than just autonomy.


To this end we offer two separate services. Residential and commercial automation:


Elegant Solutions specialises in residential automation services. Our home automation systems in South Africa are geared towards enhancing and improving systems in homes, as they are needed in our local context.
From integrated security, lightning control and solar solutions to home entertainment and networking and Wi-Fi, our residential automation solutions are built to integrate and enhance while working quietly in the background.


Elegant Systems provides services in the commercial sector that are geared towards enhancing building automation, while also providing automation systems that are built to enhance businesses in the hospitality sector.
Building automation makes it possible to control various factors like lighting, temperature, and security with more efficiency. This results in a more efficient business and a better bottom-line.



Our Customers

Our specialised automation systems can be found in buildings and homes all over the country. Here are a few examples of solutions built by Elegant Systems:

Examples of our residential work can be found in homes in Bedfordview, Eagle Canyon, Senderwood and more.

Our commercial automation systems are currently in place in Giglio Boutique Hotel, various Moove Gyms around the country, BP and Bruma.


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