Integrated Security

Integrated security

Elegant Systems’ integrated security offers seamless, effective, and safe systems. Our security solutions and equipment take advantage of state-of-the-art automation technology to protect what’s yours.

Complete control

Your family is your most valued asset. Elegant System uses Control 4 to give you complete control over all the security systems and devices in your home. Stay in-the-know with 24/7 integrated security systems and home monitoring from your smartphone.

We believe you should feel in control of your devices and you have all the necessary tools to prevent intrusions or emergencies. And with Elegant Systems you know you can count on excellent service, reliability, support and a fast response when you need it.

Smart technology

Smart technology allows you to customise your security solution to your specific home layout and needs. You will be able to arm or disarm your alarm system remotely, close your gate or garage door if you forgot in your morning rush with the tap of a button.

For increased comfort of convenience smart solutions provide real reassurance. You can receive video footage that is automatically recorded by CCTV cameras when one of your security devices is triggered. You can also label various areas, so when an alarm is triggered you can immediately check that specific security point.

Remote arming and disarming

Life can be rushed and you might find yourself away from home suddenly overcome by the uncertainty of whether you armed your alarm system. With Elegant Systemsintegrated security system you can quickly check the app and arm your alarm if necessary. You can also check alerts of a triggered alarm and silence it from your phone.

Visual verification

Uncertainty is an incredibly uncomfortable sensation. In this age of instant gratification, you can pick up your phone and check an app connected to your CCTV cameras at home to see who is at the door or why an alarm was triggered.

If one of your security devices is triggered the corresponding CCTV camera will automatically capture still images and send them directly to your phone. This enables you to see if it was a false alarm and provide you with suspect identification, increasing the likelihood of a successful arrest.

Take control

Reduce the stress of worrying if your home is safe and take control of your security. Make the smart choice today and contact Elegant Systems for increased and convenient safety.


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