Distributed Audio & Video

Distributed audio and video

Stream high-fidelity sound to every room in the house. Play high-definition video from virtually any source on any TV.

Distributed video

Imagine using a single video source showing content to several televisions connected to a video switch. Instead of a decoder for every TV and the subscription payment for each, distributed video allows you to use fewer decoders for all of the TVs in your house, cutting down that monthly cost.

With distributed video you can also hide all of the gear for your TVs – no more unsightly tangles of wires messing with your room’s aesthetic. . All of that equipment can be stored out of sight.

The best way to distribute video throughout your house is with an HDMI switch with built-in HDBaseT technology. So you will simply connect your gaming consoles, media players, decoders, etc. to the HDMI switch through HDMI cables. Then you hook up the HDBaseT to a standard Cat 5e or Cat 6 Ethernet cable. Now you can send network and control functionality right through the same cable. This all sounds like a lot of hassle, right?

Elegant Systems uses a Control4 technology HDMI switch that combines everything into a single switch 0 even the control functionality! As part of your home automation system, you now have a truly seamless experience in both quality and control, accessible from an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Distributed audio

Control4’s technology also allows you to play your favourite music throughout your home or just in one room, all thanks to distributed audio systems. The most popular streaming services, including Spotify, run natively through the Control4 platform, getting the party started at the touch of a single button.

Some chores just need music to make it fun. Distributed audio means you can listen to the same song while you’re descaling the shower as your roommate doing the dishes. Or you can listen to different podcasts. Elegant Systems make every part of home automation a joy to use. As part of your automated system, a simple voice command can dim the lights and adjust the music volume so you can enjoy a relaxing spa-style bubble bath without getting your phone wet.

Minimise equipment, maximise enjoyment

Enjoy your music and movies your way, no matter which room you’re in. Make the smart choice today and contact Elegant Systems for unmatched home entertainment.


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