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Lighting Control Systems

Elegant Systems offers a complete range of smart home solutions that imbue residential setups with the magic of smart technology. These autonomous systems include every function imaginable, from integrated security and home entertainment, to specialised networking and Wi-Fi through to smart light automation for seamless control.

These automation systems are powered by Control4, a leading smart building integration system that streamlines the automation of electronic systems from televisions and sound systems to lighting and access control.

Our Solutions For Lighting Automation

Smart lights can be added to frequently used rooms or throughout the entire house and with different types of interactions, including a touch screen that allows for easy ramping or dimming of any light.

A dedicated keypad that activates a “scene” at the touch of one button, or control of the lights using just a voice command. Smart lighting with Control4 is both brilliant and beautiful.

You can even program the lights to respond to a homeowner’s schedule, without any touch at all.

Powered By Control4

Our lighting automation systems are powered by industry-leading utility, Control4, to make operation and automation convenient and seamless. The Control4 system allows for hands-free illumination with voice commands or allows all lights in the home to be managed from a single remote.

The Control4 system is wireless, and so can be taken with you anywhere, while offering a centralised control system for the entire home.

Where automation is concerned, you can personalise your light schedule according to the times of the day when you need them, or for when lighting schedules change according to the seasons.

This allows you to fine-tune your system for lighting automation to suit your exact preferences, needs, and schedule.

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