Commercial & Residential Automation Services

Elegant Solutions provides a range of commercial and home automation services, applications, and security equipment for residential and commercial setups. On top of that we also install sophisticated home theatres to client specifications, whether they be suited to corporate locations or as an addition to the home.

Our automation services cover a wide range of applications in the residential and commercial fields, respectively. We offer turn-key projects as well as requirement specific ones, offering either full transformations or seamless functionality.

A meticulous approach to problem solving and solution generation that we have moulded over the years, has allowed Elegant Systems to confidently factor the following services:


The importance of security strength, whether at home or in a commercial setting, can never be understated. We offer specialised security equipment including CCTV, access control and biometrics.


We can help you facilitate streamlined, uninterrupted, and seamless network solutions that work as the backbone to any automation system’s functionality. These solutions include uninterrupted Wi-Fi distribution, hard-wired LAN connectivity, and VOIP solutions.

Distributed Video & Audio

We provide solutions that imbue your living and working spaces with seamless, high definition audio and visual solutions. This includes solutions for audio distributions throughout the entire structure.

Home Theatres

The home theatre is everybody’s favourite room. We can take entertainment and comfort to its pinnacle right in your own home. We offer solutions that do this with high-end audio and visual equipment and room treatments that bring a turn-key cinema experience to you.

Automated Lighting

Control lighting throughout your home or facility with nothing but a mobile application. Operate lights from home or when you are away. We offer these solutions to ready-built houses, and as turnkey offerings to developing ones.


Control4 offers the epitome of automation and allows Elegant Solutions to tie up all of our offered functionality, into one seamless system that is easily controlled.

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