How to plan the ultimate home theatre

How to plan the ultimate home theatre


The feeling of completely immersing yourself in the cinema experience with dimmed lights, booming sound, and plush seating doesn’t need to be reserved for commercial cinemas.

A fantastic home theatre setup can completely transform your nights and allow you to enjoy the magic of the movies from the comfort of your own couch. What’s more, a good home cinema setup is now easier than ever to create with the help of experts.

While these experts can install a home cinema, they can go even further by connecting that cinema to a home automation system installed throughout your home and opening a world of possibilities.

The right components for a home cinema

The central component in any home theatre setup is the screen. Whether you go with a projector against a wall or an automated screen, or a TV, you should focus on getting the best quality possible. Most new TVs will have at least 4K resolution and HDR capability.

While TVs are getting better all the time, flatscreens still don’t have the best audio quality because there isn’t enough room for good speakers. So, to make your movie soundtracks sound as convincing as possible, you’ll also need some speakers. The most common setup for a traditional surround sound experience consists of two pairs of floor-standing or stand-mount speakers, one centre speaker, and a subwoofer to deliver rumbling bass frequencies. Placement of these speakers is crucial, but don’t worry, experts like Elegant Systems know how to perfectly balance the sound in your home theatre.

Comfort is another critical component. This comprises seating, lighting, and ambient noise. Ideally, your home cinema should be in a dedicated room dedicated to watching movies on a large screen because the cinematic experience is diminished when the home movie room shares space with other activities. You can manage ambient light from windows with blackout curtains, dimmable light switches, and eliminating reflective surfaces. Painting the walls a dark colour will further improve your viewing experience. You can minimise ambient sound with soundproofing wall treatments and installing solid doors. Finally, you can choose comfy recliner-style couches with cupholders to round out the experience. Home cinema experts will help you plan the seating to ensure you’re not too close or too far from the screen and that there are no obstructions.

Complete the experience with automation

You have your popcorn and your cosy plush seating. Now all you need is for the curtains to close, the lights to dim, the air conditioning set to a comfortable temperature, and the movie to start. Of course, the best way to do this is with a central control point to manage the automation.

Thanks to various home automation solutions, a high-end home cinema can literally be at your fingertips. Like in a movie theatre, consider a system that turns on the air conditioner and dims the lights when Netflix is loaded.

Why choose Elegant Systems as your home theatre experts

With an Elegant Systems home cinema solution, you can control your entire experience from your smartphone. Elegant Systems uses high-quality products from reputable manufacturers and provides a premium selection of 4K projectors and projector screens and outstanding, immersive surround-sound solutions. All of this is designed to ensure that everyone has the best possible blockbuster experience.

Furthermore, Elegant Systems will review your home theatre’s acoustics and design custom treatments to ensure optimal sound. Finally, they tie it all together with comprehensive automation that includes smart lighting, air conditioning, and even curtain automation.

They can also connect the cinema to your smart doorbell, so your viewing automatically pauses when a visitor rings.

Contact Elegant Systems for details

Elegant Systems provides a comprehensive turnkey solution through the design, supply, installation, and calibration of complete home cinemas to turn your home into the ultimate entertainment sanctuary. Through an Elegant Systems home cinema solution, you can control every aspect of your entertainment centre from the palm of your hand without leaving your seat. So, contact Elegant Systems today for unparalleled home entertainment.


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